DEC | 13 | 2014

The last battle of darsana is about to begin...

...And the hordes of Enlightened begin to gather

A farm of over 3000 portals...

...Virtually controlled by Resistance

A city of 100 km2 and more than 2 million inhabitants...

...Need you to help defend them

Join the thousands of agents of resistance

And win together this battle...




In an event of these characteristics, the most important thing (even above the housing [good agents do not sleep]) is the data, the SIM; and preferably at a very, very affordable price.

As any traveler, the acquisition of a local prepaid SIM card is a must if you want to avoid roaming charges arising from use of your national SIM card in a different country.

Prices vary by operator; and in the worst case scenario, it could happen that the data rate in Spain was more expensive than in your home country. :(

In Barcelona you will find these telecom operators


And many more. Practically there is an option for every need; unfortunately in this web there is no space to tell you which is the best option. :(


Barcelona is a city where you can not only play; you can also do some sightseeing (When Darsana finished, ok?, you shouldn't get tired early).

To move between the clusters during the event, or if you want to sightsee; we suggest avoiding the use of private vehicles as much as possible.

Like any European city, if you move around with a private vehicle you will have to fight traffic jams, the need to park, either on the street (beware, Barcelona has excellent towing services and very effective local police who may fine and/or remove your car if improperly parked) or in private car parks (and the expense that entails).

Barcelona has a subway, bus and tram network that will cover your needs during the event and even if you want to sightsee.

Take a look at the map with transport options in Barcelona city

If you plan on lodging outside of the city of Barcelona; you should know that transport in Barcelona is integrated; this mean that you can buy a ticket in a neighboring town and will be able to use it to go to Barcelona and even make journeys within the city, even combining different modes of transportation.

This integration implies that Barcelona and its metropolitan area has been divided into areas called "rings"; numbered from 1 to 6.

Note that there are different types of transport tickets and both integrated and non-integrated tickets coexist, which can lead to confusion.


Although sleep is for weak agents not committed to their faction, sometimes (but only sometimes) is important to sleep.

There's a wide variety of hotels in Barcelona to suit all tastes and budgets; so all you need to do is prepare your mobile, your extra battery and you're ready, because you'll definitely find accommodation.

Although it is more comfortable staying overnight in Barcelona, do not overlook the surrounding towns, which also offer accommodation possibilities; and are often cheaper than those offered in Barcelona; although this method would involve additional transportation to the place where the event is held, might be an alternative for you to not miss Darsana.

Day lettings in Barcelona are another option with consequent savings in food's chapter.

Taking into account that the date of the event will be in December; and this means there can be no rooms available. Do not wait until the last minute to make your reservation.


Monuments, museums, beaches (well... maybe not beaches in winter), medieval districts, European modernism, Roman ruins, exhibitions, theaters, dance, children's activities... Barcelona has everything you may need if you want a touristic get away on top of the event.

The clusters of the event will be located in interesting areas of the city; so even during the course of the competition you will be sightseeing. ;)

If you have children and/or partner, you can bring them (if you want, of course); while you\re resisting the harassment of so-called "enlightened" (we all know they are a disgusting bunch of frogs 1), your family can enjoy:

Sagrada Familia
The Sagrada Familia: The masterpiece of Antoni Gaudí declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.
LesRambles, or as it is internationally known La Rambla de Barcelona, iconic promenade of 1.3 km that connects the city center with the port.
Montjuïc: A mountain of 173 meters of height overlooking Barcelona, where a castle with same name can be found.
Camp Nou
FC Barcelona Stadium: Popularly known as Camp Nou, is a football stadium with a 5-star category from UEFA. Has a capacity of 99,000 spectators.

The list would be long and endless:

  • Casa Mila "La Pedrera"
  • The Cathedral
  • Picasso Museum
  • Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA)
  • CosmoCaixa
  • and more, many more...

And BEWARE! you should also stroll through the city once you've met your obligations as a resistance agent :).

Foodwise, Barcelona is a multicultural city, so you can eat whatever you want; you can get from 5-star restaurants run by some of the most renowned chefs in the world, to the humble kebab 2; from the Catalonian cuisine to Chinese, Indian, Italian, French, English ... and yes, you will also find McDonald's, Subway's, etc.

1 At a personal level are wonderful people, but they have chosen the wrong path in their lives.
2 For the record, the kebab is NOT humble; however it is very affordable and can be obtained all over the city. The team building this website has lived only on kebab while working on it.


And now, a variety of general tips(Enlightened, take advantage of this, we are so good we want everyone to have a good time in our city).

  • Use comfortable shoes. We will walk and sometimes we'll even have to run. We do not want to end up with really sore feet.
  • Bring an extra battery. It will be an intense afternoon and we do not want you standing by for the last section of the event.
  • Get a backpack if you can and put enough water in it so you do not go thirsty. We do not want you to get dehydrated at midevent. Take into account that in December, Barcelona is full of people shopping and/or stroll the city. Do not rely on being served quickly when entering a store; they will serve you, but... you will not want to waste time buying a bottle of water!!!
  • It will be December, and although Barcelona does have a temperate climate, it is the end of autumn; so bring clothes according to temperatures and your own cold sensation. We do not want you to get sick.
  • Bring your photo or video camera. :D

And most importantly: Do come looking forward to enjoying a great event and the company of your fellow faction agents!!!


Ahhh! What would these events be like without those products that allow us to remember those days of yore? (And no, we are not talking about photographs)

To give you an idea, we show:

Blue Shirts
Black Shirts

And do not think this is all, there are more items available ...


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